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Factors that will Decrease Quote Values

When Kempton Value offers quotes to customers, we assume that the vehicle is in excellent condition. After customers receive a quote and agree to sell their vehicle, Kempton Value team members evaluate the vehicle upon pickup. Quotes are subject to change if there are defects. So, what are factors that can decrease the value of a vehicle?

Exterior Damage

Excellent condition assumptions include no exterior damage. This means that if a vehicle has any of the following, the quote may decrease:


Hail damage


Paint fade

Windshield damage

Body panel separation

Poor body repairs


The age, wear, and condition of a vehicle’s tires can change decrease vehicle value. For example, if there are scratched rims, worn tires, and/or poor tread depth, this may decrease the vehicle’s estimated value. 

Interior Defects

There are other internal factors that may decrease the value of a quote including:


No tire pressure monitoring system

Sun damage

Worn seats/stitching

Service Maintenance

Any mechanical defects that require repair will decrease quote value. Defects include but are not limited to oil leaks, poor maintenance, leaking head gaskets, service indicator lights, and/or frame damage.

Other Factors

Other factors that may decrease vehicle value are previous accidents, and title branding.

If you want to know the value of your vehicle, or you are looking to sell your vehicle use our quick and easy quote tool today!

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