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Rental Policy

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Arizona Auto Rentals: Vehicle Rental Policy

I. Purpose:

This policy outlines the terms and conditions for renting vehicles from Arizona Auto Rentals. It is

designed to provide clarity and security to both the company and the renter.

II. Eligibility:

1. The renter must be at least 26 years old.

2. The renter must possess a valid driver’s license.

3. The renter must provide proof of insurance, or purchase insurance coverage through Arizona

Auto Rentals

III. Rental Period:

1. The minimum rental period is 12 hours.

2. Any period over 24 hours is counted as an additional rental day.

3. Late returns (beyond a 1-hour grace period) may incur an additional day’s charge.

IV. Payment:

1. A valid credit card is required for all rentals.

2. A pre-authorization deposit will be taken at the time of rental.

3. All charges will be settled at the end of the rental period.

V. Mileage:

1. Vehicles come with a daily mileage allowance of 200 miles.

2. Additional mileage will be charged at $0.15 per mile.

VI. Fuel Policy:

1. All vehicles are provided with a full tank of fuel.

2. Renters are expected to return the vehicle with a full tank. If not, a refueling charge will be

applied based on the current local fuel rates plus a service fee.

3. EV vehicles will be fully charged upon departure, 

4. EV vehicles do not need to be fully charged upon return, but they must be charged enough to make it to the drop off location. 

5. If EV vehicles are not able to make it to the drop off location, the renter will be responsible for towing fees. 

VII. Cancellations:

1. Reservations can be canceled up to 48 hours before the rental time without any charge.

2. Cancellations within 48 hours may incur a one-day rental fee.

VIII. Vehicle Condition:

1. The vehicle should be returned in the same condition it was rented.

2. Damages or excessive dirt may result in additional charges.

IX. Restrictions:

1. All vehicles are non-smoking.

2. Pets are only allowed with prior approval and may incur additional cleaning fees.

3. Vehicles are not allowed to be taken out of the state without prior authorization.

X. Accidents or Breakdowns:

1. In the event of an accident or breakdown, renters should first ensure their safety and then

contact Arizona Auto Rentals emergency line.

2. The renter may be liable for damages if the vehicle is used in violation of this agreement or

operated recklessly.

XI. Liability:

1. Arizona Auto Rentals provides basic liability coverage for all its vehicles. However, renters

may be liable for damages or injuries caused if they violate the terms of the rental agreement.

XII. Additional Equipment:

1. Child seats, GPS devices, and other equipment are available upon request and may incur

additional fees.

XIII. Modifications:

Arizona Auto Rentals reserves the right to modify or amend these policies at any time. Any

changes will be communicated to renters in a timely manner.

XIV. Agreement:

By renting a vehicle from Arizona Auto Rentals, the renter agrees to all the terms and conditions

outlined in this policy.